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Heaven's not a place that you go when you die,

it's that moment in life, when you actually feel alive

Looks for love in all the lonely places

I love pretty gay boys in love. I think I have a new fandom everywhere week, some I stick with, some I don't. This journal has become less about fiction and more about my life. I don't care if anyone reads it, or comments, it's more for me to get out what I'm thinking and feeling.


Couples: Mark/Eduardo (The Social Network), Rachel/Puck (Glee), Drake/Josh (Drake/Josh) Letty/Leon (The Fast and The Furious), Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter), Brian/Justin (QaF), Casey/Zeke (The Faculty), Bright/Ephram (Everwood), Jensen/Jared (RPS), Pete/Patrick (FOB), Frankie/Gerard (MCR), Ryan/Brendon (Panic!), Frankie/Patrick (FOB/MCR), and Georgia/Mason (Dead Like Me)

Actor: Jensen Ackles, Shia Labeouf and Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Sophia Bush and Jennifer Aniston

Movie: Devour and The Boondock Saints

We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that will be sought by us.

Tv: Supernatural, Drake and Josh and Ghost Hunters

Book: The Outsiders

Music: Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Senses Fail, Saosin, Cobra Starship, Paramore, Say Anything, Spill Canvas, Snow Patrol and Drake Bell. Yeah, the list could go on and on.

Song: Senses Fail- Can't Be Saved
Follow you bliss
If it's on my chest
I know I got it tattooed for a reason
Why can't I just hold it true?

Favorite Album: Fall Out Boy- Take This To Your Grave

Quote of the moment:

"We both agree that it's a yin and yang relationship. They can hold their own but when you put them together they complete each other." -Jensen Ackles on Sam/Dean

Man + Woman ≠ Marriage
Love + Commitment = Marriage

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